Delirium and Dance

My good friend David Neumann is finally bringing his amazing dance/theatre piece back to New York on April 15th. The run ends on April 25th and I recommend getting a ticket and checking it out. I Understand Everything BetterDavid's latest piece, is near and dear to my heart, telling the story (in metaphor of course) of his father's experience in the last weeks of his life. 

Employing a combination of personal narratives, traditional Japanese theater, and his own poetic approach to performance, Bessie Award-winner David Neumann’s newest dance-based work, I Understand Everything Better, examines a man on his death bed, a meteorologist reporting from within a storm, and a great actor who might be performing a Kabuki play about a dying man in a great storm.

Delirium is of special interest to me, both practically and theoretically. We know so little about what makes the brain go kaflooey in this particular way, and often have only a few clues about what we can do to bring the brain back to the here and now once it's gone astray. As this piece was being developed I was pleased to provide a little extra background on delirium from the physician's point of view, from potential causes to accurate assessment of the confused patient.

Speaking of confusion, the distinction between delirium and its cousins dementia and depression is often misunderstood. I look forward to writing more on this topic, and of course to seeing David Neumann's piece in its latest iteration.