House Calls. The fee for a house call is $625. House calls typically last an hour. Extended time at a visit is billed at $600 an hour.

Other Services. Additional services, billed at the rate of $600 an hour, may include but are not limited to:

  • Communication - phone calls, emails, text messages, & face to face meetings - with:

    • Patient

    • Family members

    • Hired caregivers

    • Pharmacies

    • Laboratories

    • Medical equipment providers

    • Members of the medical team, including current & previous physicians, nurses, therapists

  • Document review

  • Fulfillment of research requests

  • Document preparation

Travel Fees. There is no fee for travel in Manhattan. Outside Manhattan, after the first 30 minutes, travel time is billed at the rate of $300 an hour. Additional travel expenses may include taxi & private cars, mileage, transit fees, and, in special circumstances, food and accomodations.

For more information about my fees and how I work, please visit my FAQ's page.

Payment Policy

Insurance. I do not accept insurance, either private or public. If you would like to try to submit a reimbursement claim to your insurance company, I can upon request provide you with the appropriate paperwork.

Means of Payment. I do not accept credit cards. Payment is by cash or check at the time of service or on receipt of an invoice.