"A Caring Concerned Doctor"

"Dr. Pam Barton came into my life during a very sad and stressful time. She was the doctor who came to our house and cared for my husband at the end of his life.
"First let me tell you a little about my husband. He was a family physician for 50 years in a small New Jersey town. He believed that a patient never called if he did not need help. Patients were people, not clients, cases or numbers. He made house calls any time of the day or night and frequently took care of three generations of families. He felt the job of the physician was to listen to the patient, help the patient and abide by the patient's wishes. He suffered from Parkinson's disease for 35 years, was extremely debilitated at the end of life but was very sharp mentally.
"He also knew what he wanted at the end of his life—a caring, concerned doctor who would honor his wish to remain at home. Dr. Barton came to our home, listened, conversed, and helped us make important decisions as well as doing all of the 'doctor' things. She was available at all hours and came when we needed her. She even answered her own phone as did my husband. My husband paid her the highest compliment when he told me 'I am so glad she is a real doctor!!! She is doing everything right!!!'
"He was very peaceful and happy to have her as his physician. What more can I say than THANK YOU!!"