"Your kind and gentle approach is just what she needed"

"It's been almost a year since my mom passed away and I still remember the first day I went searching on my computer for a doctor to come to my mom's house. It was becoming so difficult to get her from place to place, and I began thinking having her in a waiting room full of sick people was not a good idea. I was so delighted when I found you and even more pleased upon the first visit.
"My 91-year-old mom was a tough Italian cookie who lived alone. She did not take easily to new people, while at the same time resisting the idea that she could not go out any longer to see the doctor she had seen for years. She was losing her independence or life as she knew it. You immediately made her feel at ease. Your kind and gentle approach is just what she needed to feel reassured. I was amazed at how you knew just what to say to her. You listened to her and respected her needs. I knew both my mom's medical and emotional needs were important to you. You also took the time to talk to us regarding our caregiving issues and well-being.
"You put us in touch with an entire at-home network of medical care professionals. This was such a relief. Now my mom did not need to leave her home for blood work, x-rays, physical therapy, the eye doctor and even the dentist. You made this process so easy. It was one less thing we needed to worry about so we could focus on my mom.
"If an emergency did arise, you returned our calls quickly and responded with either a home visit or a recommendation to take her to the hospital if her symptoms warranted it. As her condition worsened you were very caring. I was so impressed the way you checked on her condition and even visited her at the hospital during one of her last days. You were a wonderful sounding board for me during that difficult time.
"My sister and I can't thank you enough for everything that you did for our mom and for us. You really attended to everyone, not just my mom. You are a special lady with such a special gift. I would gladly recommend you to anyone and, in fact, I already have. Thank you!"