"Like a Member of Our Family"

"Dr. Pamela Barton was precisely what my Father, age 90, and I were looking for – a doctor who would treat him as a whole person and would respect his treatment choices. That Dr. Barton would visit him at home and had a network of other doctors, podiatrist and dentist, who similarly would treat my Father at home, greatly relieved the stress and anxiety of getting up, washed and dressed to be on time for 15-minute visits with different specialists.
"We engaged Dr. Barton one month after my Father was released from a residential rehabilitative center. We were dissatisfied and confused about his lack of progress over two months. My Father was essentially in the same condition as when he entered rehab, unable to walk unassisted. At the initial visit Dr. Barton listened very carefully to my Father’s concerns and desires. She contacted all his doctors, requested his records and reviewed his case.  Dr. Barton was forthright and caring in telling us exactly what was likely to be my Father’s future.
"Dr. Barton told my Father that he had a mechanical rather than chemical problem; he had dysphagia –an inability to swallow solid food and short of surgery there was no correction for it.  My Father, who weighed 90 pounds at the time, did not want surgery and did not want to go into a hospital; he wanted to remain at home.  Dr. Barton said that she would do her best to keep him comfortable and she did.  Pamela cared for my father for eleven months; he did not suffer. Pam was like a member of our family; she even attended my Father’s wake and repast."