"She walked this rough and rocky path with us"

"We were a group of friends and neighbors in an impossible crisis. We had taken on the care of a friend who was dying of cancer; her daughter had died some eight years previously and our friend (age 73) was the sole guardian and caretaker of her three grandchildren. It had become impossible to transport her to her main doctor or even, at times, to contact him. She needed prescriptions; she needed transfusions; she needed to be in the hospital at times; she was in terrible pain; and her 13 year old grandson who still lived at home was beside himself with anxiety and confusion. One day when we were at our wit's end, a visiting nurse gave us the name of Dr. Pamela Barton. Dr. Barton came within an hour of our desperate call as on angel's wings. She was quickly able to sort out the situation, she coordinated with our friend's usual physician,and for the next two months until our friend's death, she walked this rough and rocky path with us, providing not only the medical care needed at the oddest of hours, but providing as well, counsel, advice, and all manner of comfort to our friend, her grandchildren, and to all of us....the daily caregivers.
"It is the way that doctors used to practice. It is the way doctors should practice in the future. Dr. Barton's compassion and holistic view of the patient, and of the process of dying made of this most difficult of situations, a sacred journey which we will all remember with gratitude."